The Banana Group

A collection of connected Banana branded companies inspired by Virgin Group.

Banana Fitness

Every Banana Fitness Class session is an exhilarating retreat from the mundane. With a spirited mix of Zumba inspired music and a spontaneous kinetic flair, each class is a fitness fiesta.At the lead of this exuberant experience is none other than the Banana Mascot, a character whose electrifying energy is as contagious as the animated vibes reverberating around the space.In each class, the monotony of conventional exercise is replaced by a dynamic spectacle so enjoyable that attendees blissfully forget they're in the midst of a workout. The Banana Fitness Class is a place where youthful wonder is reignited like a spark in the soul.As the session draws to a close, each member is filled with a sense of triumph and delight, their spirits soaring from the rush of surpassing their boundaries.

Banana Mascot

At the heart of the Banana universe is Benny, the Banana Mascot. Unlike the traditional confines of a corporate mascot, Benny is a living character chiseled with as many qualities as the most cherished animated Disney character.Benny boasts a variety of tales and traits. His every interaction is filled with enchantment.

Banana News

Banana News is a vibrant publication authentically capturing culture through a Banana’s perspective. The mission is to document the pulse of culture. The overarching plan is to create a subtle spotlight into the world of other Banana ventures by indirectly increasing brand awareness.Each story Banana tells contributes to the greater Banana ecosystem by bringing the Banana brand into daily relevance. Banana News will increase Banana brand awareness which will amplify other Banana venture presence.

Banana Fashion Show

Banana will create a clothing line that encapsulates the zest for life's grand adventure. Inspired by trailblazing giants like Gymshark, Vuori, and Nike, Banana apparel is etched with the spirit of exploration. The attire helps customers explore life, similar to the way an Apple computer is a bicycle for the mind. The apparel line is where casual meets functional and comfort. The clothing is designed for the urban explorer whose quest for passion is relentless.The debut of our collection will coincide with the original Banana Fashion Show. The first show, dubbed 'Mom,' will be a catwalk event and pay homage to the unsung heroes of daily life—the mothers. Through nominations by their children, mothers will grace the runway, embodying the courage and nurturing spirit they carry. Straying from the path of showcasing the unattainable, our show will spotlight the beautiful within the ordinary, highlighting the real icons among us.

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